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Sonoran Kimchi

Bajo Tierra's Kimchi is a traditional recipe with a super gingery twist.  Because of our regional, Sonoran influences we use a variety of fresh chiles and chiltipines.  Our Kimchi is vegetarian, instead of fish sauce we use Kombu seaweed, which can be a good way to add calcium and iron to your diet.  Sonoran Kimchi contains a small amount of local, ethically harvested honey, but otherwise it's vegan friendly.  We use time and temperature to achieve a balanced product that is full of life.  Our product is available after a minimum of 20 days fermentation. 


So simple and delicious, only two ingredients, Cabbage and Sea Salt. Plus 35 days aging at a controlled temperature, produces what we think is an exceptionally delicious sauerkraut with slightly tangy, citrus flavor.